My name is Pierre Berchtold.
I live in the area of Zurich, Switzerland.
I run crazyinlove.ch and I do
freelance web projects.
I am also a photographer at unfold.ch.

Take a look at my latest projects to see
what's going on.

I am now part of the freshly founded Atelier Soda.
So have a look at our website:


Veloschuel Kanton Zürich

veloschuel.ch »

Kuhn Consult

kuhn-consult.ch »

Bühler Dental Aesthetik

buehler.dental »

cape7 engineering services

cape7.ch »

ICF Movement

icf.church »

Simon Aprile

imiso.ch »

Unfold Photography

unfold.ch »

Martin Haab

martinhaab.ch »

Pierre Berchtold, Berchtold Web Solutions
Förrlibuckstrasse 66, 8005 Zürich